Terrina Jade Chivers

jade chiversTerrina Jade Chivers, 22, was killed in Dallas, Texas on 08/13/89.

A 1985 graduate of R. L. Turner High School in Bridgeport1, Jade worked  at a home security company until her death.

Her parents Tommy Joe and Lori Chivers never gave up their attempts to bring her killer(s) to justice. Frustrated with the lack of progress by local detectives, they began their own investigation that spanned decades.  They hired psychics, private investigators, interviewed dozens of friends, former boyfriends, coworkers, neighborhood residents, consulted the FBI, and offered one of their rent houses in exchange for information leading to a conviction. All to no avail.2 3 Sadly, both passed away without knowing the identity of their daughter’s killer(s).45

Jade is interred near her parents at Willow Point Cemetery in Bridgeport, Texas.6


A “Party Inside” sign hung from the apartment door the night Jade was killed. She shared the unit, located on Dale Crest Drive (formerly Copenhagan Apartments), with her sister Paula. It’s unclear from my research whether a party had already occurred, if it was about to occur, or if her sister was present on that fateful day.

Crime Scene

Around 3:00 pm 08/13/89 Jade was found unresponsive in her apartment. She’d been beaten and stabbed 8-10 times on the face and neck.

Limited Details

My research revealed little of Jade’s background or the circumstances surrounding her murder. If you have a reputable source for either, please let me know so it can be incorporated into this summary.

Theories & Suspicions

Information obtained through Mike Collins, their private investigator, led parents to believe Jade was murdered by a former coworker. Dallas Police Department Homicide Detective Bobby Hammer, who worked the case at the time, agreed. However, several people came forward claiming the suspect was with them at the estimated time of death, and never changed their stories. There is insufficient evidence for an arrest.2 7

Her parents believed there are three or four people who know the killer’s identity, but are afraid to come forward.8

Have Information?

Investigators are working to solve the Terrina Jade Chivers case and bring her killer(s) to justice. If you have information about this crime, please report it.

Dallas Police Department Homicide Unit
(214) 671-3661 or (214) 671-3597

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