Jasbir Singh

jasbir cold caseJASBIR SINGH, 33, was killed 11/30/87 in Pinehurst, Texas. He was beaten and stabbed multiple times by intruders. He was an unarmed security guard.

Newly arrived from Pakistan, he was employed several months as a night watchman for Tubular Protection of America (TPA). TPA, located in the 32000 block of FM 149, was a commercial oil tool plant that had been experiencing an increase in recent burglaries/thefts.1


Around 1:00am Jasbir called the company president when he observed two intruders breaking in. He recognized one as an employee, but did not give his boss the employee’s name or description. He was told to lock up, and they’d discuss the following morning.

His fiancé attempted multiple times to reach him for their 2:00am prearranged call, but was unsuccessful.

Around 5:30am Jasbir was found lying on the floor of the shop, moaning and barely alive, by TPA employees arriving for work. “Witnesses said he was conscious and trying to raise his body up but was unable to speak.” Deputies and paramedics were dispatched, but he expired a few minutes prior to their arrival.2

Autopsy revealed Jasbir had been struck in the head with an unknown object multiple times, and stabbed five times. The case was reopened 10/16/07, when DNA was recovered from a hair found in the blood on one of his hands. It was male DNA that did not belong to Jasbir.3

The intruders left his cash and other personal items; however, they took his keys and a Mettler PE 6000 electronic digital scale and Toshiba Model EKT-6010 SB multi-line telephone with intercom lines. The stolen items have never been recovered.

To add to the difficulty in solving this cold case, TPA was destroyed by fire several years after the murder, as was not rebuilt. Authorities have been unable to locate TPA’s Middle Eastern owners, or Jabir’s relative in the US that returned to Pakistan.


My research revealed very little about Jasbir’s background. If you have a reputable source of information, please let me know so it can be incorporated into this summary.


Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is working to solve the Jasbir Singh case and bring his killer(s) to justice. If you have information about this crime, please call (281) 297-6508.

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