Danny Rae Holt (2013)

Danny Rae Holt, 38, was found dead in his Leesville, Louisiana home on 11/23/13 from an alleged suicide. It was later determined the father of three had been fatally shot in back of the head.1 ...Continue Reading

Tammy Michelle Call (1990)

Tammy Michelle Call, 15, was reported missing 02/20/90 from Leesville, Louisiana by parents Lt. Col. Joe & Reba Call. Seven years later, in January 1997, her remains were discovered.  Cause of death could not be ...Continue Reading

Melinda Ruth Jones (1983)

Melinda Ruth Jones, 20, was last seen 03/18/83 at the Redwood Hotel in Leesville, Louisiana. Authorities believe she was kidnapped. Her remains were found 04/01/83 in Allen Parish, near the Vernon Parish line.1 2 Melinda lived ...Continue Reading
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