Kathryn Elaine Jackson

KATHRYN ELAINE JACKSON, 32, was found deceased 11/26/84 in her Fort Worth, Texas, residence.1 She was an English teacher at Irma Marsh Middle School in River Oaks, where she taught for three years. Prior to ...Continue Reading

Cindy Heller

CINDY HELLER, 23, was last seen 10/23/84 headed home from a jazz class at the Bruce Lea Dance Factory.1 Her decomposed body was discovered 01/05/85 behind Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, Texas. She ...Continue Reading

Catherine Davis

CATHERINE DAVIS, 23, was reported missing 09/30/84.1 Her skeletal remains were found 01/23/85 in Fort Worth, Texas. Soon after graduating from Oxford High School in her native Mississippi, Catherine moved to Dallas to pursue a ...Continue Reading

Harold Jones

HAROLD JONES, 55, was shot 10/06/03 during a home invasion that occured at a friend’s residence in Tyler, Texas. He succumbed to his injuries 10/15/03. He was a graduate of Sunset High School in Beckville, ...Continue Reading

Frederick Earl Cremean

FREDERICK EARL ‘FREDDIE’ CREMEAN, 29, and his wife Karen Darlene Covin Cremean, 27, were killed 09/19/83 in their Fort Worth, Texas residence.1 A graduate of Brewer High School, Freddie was a partner with his brother ...Continue Reading

Karen Covin Cremean

KAREN DARLENE COVIN CREMEAN, 27, and her husband Frederick Earl Cremean, 29, were killed 09/19/83 in their Fort Worth, Texas residence.1 A graduate of Brewer High School, she was employed as an assistant automotive manager ...Continue Reading

Takesha Lareua Harris

TAKESHA LAREUA HARRIS, 38, was killed 01/24/16 at her Carrollton Avenue residence in Killeen, Texas. A 1995 graduate of Kankakee/Bloom High School, she was a star varsity basketball player.1 She later attended Joliet Junior College ...Continue Reading

Tamika Dianrochell Osborn  

TAMIKA DIANROCHELL OSBORN, 21, was found dead 07/05/97 in her residence in Tyler, Texas. Investigators believe that the cause of death was asphyxiation.1 Tamika attended Stuart Middle School, where she was a Second Division Winner ...Continue Reading

Irasema Rosa Chavez

IRASEMA ‘ROSA’ CHAVEZ, 33, was stabbed to death inside her home at 2714 S. Collins St. #416, in Arlington, Texas, on 01/20/12.1 She is survived by her mother, sister Diana Elouad and niece Linda ‘Yesy’ ...Continue Reading

Janet Deppin Genho

JANET E DEPPIN GENHO, 33, and her husband Robert K Genho, 53, were shot to death 01/08/82 inside their upscale Woodlands townhouse. The couple lived at 25 Huntsman Horn Circle, on the outskirts of Houston, ...Continue Reading
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