Baby John Doe Odessa

BABY JOHN DOE, 0, was discovered 07/18/1996 in a trash-filled dumpster behind a Clifford Street residence in Odessa, Texas.1 He is interred in Babyland, at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Odessa. “Advanced technologies and forensic analysis ...Continue Reading

Jennifer Lennette Harris

JENNIFER LENNETTE HARRIS HOLMAN, 28, was last seen the evening of 05/12/02. Her body was found 05/18/02 in the Red River, on the Texas-Oklahoma border. Jennifer was a 1992 graduate of Bonham High School, and ...Continue Reading

DaNydia Nee-Nee Thompson

DANYDIA BETTY JACQUELINE ‘NEE-NEE’ THOMPSON, 7, was kidnapped the morning of 04/30/97 from Killeen, Texas. Searchers discovered her remains 05/08/97 near the Lampasas River.1 Gala Thompson recalls her daughter’s hug and quick “I love you ...Continue Reading

Veronica Ann Taylor

VERONICA ANN TAYLOR, 13, was last seen leaving a relative’s residence at the Phoenix Apartments in Lubbock, Texas the evening of 03/25/87. Her body was found the following morning several miles away.1 At the time ...Continue Reading
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