Jimmy A. Townsend (1985)

Jimmy A. Townsend, 13, was killed 09/28/85 at the state fair in Monroe, Louisiana.1 At approximately 11:30 pm he was beaten to death, allegedly by several black males aged 15-19. The fight occurred at the Farmer’s ...Continue Reading

Angelene R. Hill (1980)

Angelene ‘Angie’ R. Hill, 26, was last seen 07/31/80 in the Lakeshore area of Monroe, Louisiana.1 Her body was found 08/01/80 on Richmond Road #2, near an industrial park,2 and her car later found off ...Continue Reading

Sherry Lynn Alford (1982)

Sherry Lynn Alford, 16, was last seen the evening of 02/01/82 leaving her boyfriend’s home in Monroe, Louisiana. Her lifeless body was discovered later that night on LA Highway 139.1 She was a Sophomore at ...Continue Reading
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