Whitnei Charlene Dubois (2007)

Whitnei Charlene Dubois, 26, was last seen 05/10/07. Her remains were found 05/12/07 at the intersection of Bobby and Earl Duhon Roads, approximately five miles outside of Jennings, Louisiana. Whitnei enjoyed listening to music, absolutely ...Continue Reading

Loretta Lynn Chaisson Lewis (2005)

Loretta Lynn Chaisson Lewis, 28, was last seen 05/17/05 in Jennings, Louisiana. Her body was found in the Grand Marais Canal 05/20/05. Loretta’s brothers Chad and Nicholas Chaisson say she was a loving mother, daughter and ...Continue Reading

Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno (2008)

Crystal ‘Shay’ Benoit Zeno, 23, was last seen 08/29/08. Her remains were found 09/11/08 near a dry irrigation canal a few miles from Jennings, Louisiana. Crystal was employed with Sonic in Lake Arthur until May ...Continue Reading

Necole Jean Guillory

Necole Jean Guillory, 26, was last seen 08/16/09. Her remains were discovered 08/19/091 near the westbound I-10 exit in Egan, Louisiana. She was a resident of Lake Arthur, and enjoyed listening to music and loved being ...Continue Reading
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