podcasts we loveIn need of recommendations for a true crime fix?

When I’m not snooping researching cold cases I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading short true crime books and watching crime docudramas. Some of my many favs are below.

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  • Bayou Justice – Unsolved or historically notable crime stories from South Louisiana.
  • Catch My Killer – Focuses on a victim’s surviving family and friends for an hour each week.
  • Court Junkie – Criminal trials and missing persons cases hosted by Jillian for an hour each week.
  • Crime Junkie – True crime fix each Monday for an hour.
  • Murder Mile [UK] – London’s unsolved murders 30 minutes each Thursday.
  • The Murder Squad – Investigators solve cold case murders each week for an hour.
  • Trace Evidence – Unsolved cases, from chilling murders to missing persons and the unexplained.
  • Real Life, Real Crime – Retired investigator goes in depth into cases he has personally worked.

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