Timothy Bucky Carver MissingTIMOTHY CLAY ‘BUCKY’ TARVER II was last seen around noon 03/30/2019 leaving Oak Haven Community Care Center in Centerpoint, Louisiana, where he visited his maternal grandmother Joyce. He was 33-years-old when he was reported missing 04/05/20.1 2

According to Bucky’s personal FaceBook page, he is a graduate of Buckeye High School in Deville, works at Haye’s Manufacturing in Pineville, and is a resident of Kolin.3

He’s described by family as “…full of love and laughter. His heart was full of hopes and dreams. He was sensitive with an old soul. We love him so much…”4 “…a very loving and affectionate person…needy almost.”5


BuckyThe afternoon of 03/30/19 Bucky left his mother’s home in Centerpoint upset. He walked to the nearby Dollar General, then visited with his grandmother Joyce for several hours.6

His paternal grandmother, Norma Tarver, told KLAX during their last phone call he sounded frantic, “scared for his life. Almost as if someone were after him.”7

Bucky’s wallet with his driver’s license was found at his residence. Family conducted their own quasi-investigation and discovered unknown individual(s) used his EBT card at several locations, after his disappearance.8 A number of potential suspects identified by family/friends are named and various theories mentioned on the Help Bring Timothy Bucky Tarver Home FaceBook Page.

  • Nicknames: Bucky
  • Physical: 5’11, 175-195 pounds, brown hair, blue or hazel eyes
  • Marks/Tattoos: ‘Beast 51’ and ‘Mode 50’ on inside of both upper arms, ‘skull’ with ‘automatic rifles’ below on right calf, five individual ‘stars’ on both shoulders
  • Clothing: white t-shirt with a skull on it, blue jeans, and tennis shoes
  • Jewelry: none

It’s unknown if his 03/28/18 arrest is related to his disappearance: possession of crystal meth, second offense possession of marijuana, third offense possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of justice and introduction of contraband into a penal institution.9 A bench warrant was issued 12/20/19 for failure to appear in Court re possession CDS IV, battery on a police officer, obstruction of public passage.10


His grandma Norma, mom Bonnie, brother Joshua, sister Chasity, and cousins Melanie and Courtney are desperately seeking information on Bucky.  A cash reward, of an undisclosed amount, is being offered for information leading to Bucky’s safe return or an arrest and conviction.11


Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office and Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office are working to locate Timothy Clay ‘Bucky’ Tarver and bring those responsible to justice. If you have information about his disappearance or current whereabouts, please call (318) 483-1837 or (318) 500-2877.

Rev. 02/28/22

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