keiosha cold case missingKEIOSHA MARIE ‘RED’ FELIX was last seen in Duson, Louisiana 04/30/12.1

At the time of her disappearance, she was 15-years-old and lived Maison de Mere, a group home for teen mothers, with her 8 1/2 month old daughter Kyra. She was in the State’s custody because her mother was serving a prison sentence. Her daughter remains in their care. Family are adamant Keiosha would never leave Kyra behind.2

Chiara Evelyn Thibodeaux, Keiosha’s mother, describes her as “Funny, outspoken, intelligent, she’s a good child.”3 Grandfather Joseph Earl Narcisse remembers her as a “beautiful, soft hearted.”

Aunt Regina Watson describes her as a “…happy go-lucky teenager with lots of friends…loved social media.” Celie Batiste, another aunt, agreed and added she “…loves her cell phone and loves meeting new people.”4

Former group home residents and classmates recall a helpful friend and a devoted mom. Vickie Boudreaux, Director of Maison de Mere (group home) said she was “very caring.” Comments abound such as “She was crazy about her baby girl. Came home after school and kissed and hugged her for a long time…” and “…being in my class and helping me, talking about her daughter…”1


Keiosha was last seen 04/30/12 leaving her Aunt Patricia Andrus’ mobile home in Duson.5 She was given a weekend pass to visit her Aunt’s house, and has not been seen since.6 Andrus filed a Missing Persons Report 04/30/12 with Duson Police Department.

Within a few days police reclassified her as a runaway, based largely on statements made by Andrus and her cousin Portia Felix. Andrus and Felix said they’d been in contact with her, and she was safe.7 She was again classified as a missing person on 07/23/12, after police determined the information from the aunt and cousin was false.8

Keiosha was known to frequent the Veazey area of Lafayette.9 Authorities believe she may be in Duson, Baton Rouge, or Houston.


person of interestAccording to Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, within a year of her disappearance, nine local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in Louisiana and Texas had dedicated approximately 2,300 hours of manpower. Investigators explored 27 tips from Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Maryland, Oregon and California.10


Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office continues their search for the person pictured to the right, released 09/11/12. The image was captured in an ATT Store where Keiosha’s SIMS card was accessed. He’s not a suspect in her disappearance; however, authorities believe he may have information to aid in the investigation. He’s believed to between 5’7″ to 5’9″ tall, with a stocky build.

  • Nicknames: Red
  • Physical: 5’0, 120 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes
  • Marks/Tattoos: unknown
  • Clothing: unknown
  • Jewelry: unknown

Patricia Felix-Andrus, 40, was arrested by Duson Police 07/25/12 on charges of Improper Supervision of a Minor and Accessory to Rape. 4 According to the Affidavit for Arrest, several witnesses alleged Leon Wilkerson, Andrus’ boyfriend, raped Keiosha. Initially she denied knowledge, but after further questioning, she reluctantly admitted her niece told her of the inappropriate sexual contact. When asked why she didn’t report the incident, she said Leon told her it wasn’t true, so she “left it alone.” Her attorney Valex Amos, Jr claimed she lost her job due to the allegations made against her. She bonded out of jail 07/26/12, and charges were later dropped.11 She is Red’s paternal aunt.

Portia Felix, 20, was arrested by Duson Police 07/25/12 on a charge of Obstruction of Justice. She admitted she lied to authorities about speaking with Red after her disappearance.4 Her attorney, Thomas Alonzo, said she had no connection to Keiosha’s disappearance.11 She bonded out of jail 07/26/12, and charge was later dropped. She is Red’s paternal cousin.

Leon Wilkerson Jr., 43, was arrested by Duson Police 07/24/12 on charges of Second Degree Kidnapping and Simple Rape.12 On 09/13/12, after seven weeks in custody, the charges were dropped and he was released.13 LPSO say they have no evidence connecting him to any crime against her.14 He is Andrus’ boyfriend.

Ronald Wilkerson, 40, was arrested 08/06/12 on a charge of Simple Kidnapping. He had Keiosha’s cell phone before his arrest.8 The charge was dropped and he was released 08/10/12.11 He is Leon Wilkerson’s brother.


Leon and Ronald Wilkerson filed lawsuits alleging unlawful arrest. Both claimed to have lost their jobs due to the accusations and arrests that were not based on probable cause. They asked for compensatory and punitive damages in addition to attorney costs. The suits were settled in 2015 for an undisclosed amount.


In July 2012 Lt. Gerald Credeur, former Duson Assistant Chief of Police, was lead investigator and arrested four individuals in connection with her disappearance. The charges were later dropped against all four.

On 08/31/12 Johnny Thibodeaux, Duson Mayor, confirmed Lt. Credeur had been placed on administrative leave due to alleged “substandard performance” in the investigation of her case.15

red cold case missingTo show their support for Lt. Credeur, family coordinated a march to Duson City Hall 09/10/12 in hopes of influencing the City Council’s vote that evening. Sadly, they were unsuccessful, as were the efforts of attorney Joslyn Alex. Ms. Alex asked council members to review documents that gave a true picture of how Credeur conducted the Felix investigation – a far different picture than what Chief Andrew painted.

In Andrew’s testimony before the Council he claimed “little knowledge of the case;” however, text messages proved constant communication between the two regarding possibility of human trafficking, and alluded to a familial connection between Andrew and Patricia and Portia Andrus. They Council declined to review the documentation, and Credeur was subsequently dismissed.16

Family said of Credeur: “He has done all that he can day and night to find Keiosha and if we allow this to happen that would be a great injustice…there is power in numbers and we have to fight for him because he has done the same in this case for Keiosha.”17

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation 09/11/12.18


felix missingLena Lewis, Keiosha’s aunt, told media “…she’s not forgotten. She’s still missing and we haven’t heard a word. This here is big to us… My faith is strong, strong, strong. I always looked at it like I’m going to keep that faith and I never want to believe that she’s gone…”2

“We really want to know what happened, what went on. Please come forward. Please…we’re looking for answers.”


Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office is working in conjunction with the FBI to locate Keiosha Marie Felix and bring the peron(s) responsible to justice. The FBI is offering a reward of up to $5k for info leading her safe return.9 If you have information about her disappearance or current whereabouts, please call (337) 232-9211.

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