ELEANOR CELESTE PARKER was last seen 11/10/81 at Southdowns subdivision of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was 18-years-old at the time of her disappearance.1

A graduate of Lee High School, Eleanor planned to attend Louisiana State University the following Spring. She worked as a clerk at Maison Blanche/Goudchaux’s retail store.

Friend Katherine Smith King remembers her as “the perfect Sandy from Grease,” and always keeping their group laughing.2 Friend Yvette R. Stevens remembers a beautiful smile, sweet personality, and a kindness shown to everyone.3

Her mother Ilene Byrne Parker passed away 06/09/08, having never known the true fate of her daughter. However, family must have suspected foul play as her obituary notes Eleanor preceded her in death.4 Her siblings are sisters Sharon Talley, Deborah Gibbs, and brother Peyton R. Parker


Eleanor was last seen driving her ’75 Ford Maverick away from her parents home 11/10/81. After packing some winter clothes, she headed back to the Gardere Lane apartment she shared with three friends.

recovered vehicleHer car, pictured to the right, was found 11/18/81 near Goudchaux’s, her clothes folded neatly in the trunk.5 Her Maverick (actual photo on right) was the “Grabber” sports edition, with a white body and blue vinyl top.6 Although the vehicle revealed no sign sign of a struggle, authorities dusted for prints and combed it for other evidence.7

Baton Rouge Police Department and the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office conducted parallel investigations. Between the two agencies, detectives interviewed nearly everyone in Parker’s life at the time, conducted polygraph tests, and brought people in for lineups. A 20-mile radius search of the wooded area near hear apartment was also conducted.8

  • Nicknames: none
  • Physical: 5’5, 110 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes
  • Marks/Tattoos: none
  • Clothing: maroon plaid skirt, maroon blouse and blazer, maroon suede boots
  • Jewelry: unknown

Eleanor ParkerA classmate claimed to have seen and spoken with Eleanor at the Cortana Mall 11/14/81, four days after she left her parents’ home. The witness said she was wearing jeans and a gray Lee High School shirt with a blue football in the center.


It’s rumored serial murderers Sean Vincent Gillis or Derrick Todd Lee may have been connected to her disappearance.  However, it’s unlikely that Lee was involved as he would have been only 12-years-old at the time, and was active between 1998-2003.9 Gillis was active between 1994-2004, more than a decade after Eleanor’s disappearance.10


Baton Rouge Police Department is working to locate Eleanor Celeste Parker and bring the person(s) responsible to justice. If you have information about her disappearance or current whereabouts, please call (225) 389-4869.

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