Cory Rubio Cold Case MissingCORY MARIE RUBIO MCGAY was last seen 01/27/99 at a dormitory on Barksdale Air Force Base (BAFB) in Bossier City, Louisiana.1 Foul play is suspected.

At the time of her disappearance Cory was 24-years old and had two young daughters. Four-year-old Sarah Elliott was from an earlier marriage, and two-year-old Samantha was from her marriage to Jesse Culbert McGay.2 Since their divorce in 1998, she and the children lived in Stonewall with her parents Jimmy and Susan Rubio.

She was employed at Lagniappe Hospital and at the Centerfold Lounge in Bossier City for about a year. She’d recently quit the waitress job at Centerfold and was looking forward to starting a new career as a technician at Schumpert Medical Center.3

Cory was completely dedicated to her children, a hard worker, and had hopes of going back to school to better their situation. Her parents are adamant she would never voluntarily leave her children. After eight years, they had her legally declared dead.4

Her children, now adults, created the Find Cory Rubio FaceBook group in her honor.

Sarah and her grandparents still live on the same property her mother grew up in, and kept the same phone number in case Cory is still out there.5


rubio familyCory’s last confirmed sighting was 01/27/99 as she seen at one of the dormitories on BAFB. She arrived alone in her white 1992 Ford Probe, having earlier left the children with a babysitter Matilda Taylor in Shreveport.6 She was supposed to have picked up them up four hours later. Taylor told authorities “It seems like something bad must have happened ’cause she loves those children and she hasn’t showed up.”7

It’s believed Cory was at BAFB to meet with McGay, who was seeking custody or a reduction in the $430 monthly child support he paid. The hearing was scheduled for 9am the following morning at Bossier Parish Courthouse in Benton.8

At some point she called to reassure her parents they would soon be home. She didn’t sound distressed, so her parents were not alarmed as they went to bed that evening. That quickly changed when they were awakened a few hours later by a call from police. It was at that point they realized she and the children had not returned.3

Her abandoned vehicle was found 01/28/99 at the Red River-Stoner Avenue Boat Ramp off Clyde Fant Parkway. It’s unknown if she or someone else drove it to the site – less than a mile from BAFB. Some personal items (purse and shoes) were left in the otherwise ransacked car. Signage in the area indicates the park closes at dark, but the gate remains open.

Law enforcement conducted searches from the ramp to the port south of Shreveport using a helicopter, boat and divers; however, no evidence of Cory was found. Eight investigators were initially assigned to her case, but leads stopped coming in according to Lt. JD Dunn of Shreveport Police Department.6

Sightings of Cory were reported in Texas, Florida and Arkansas; however, after investigation, they were proved erroneous.3


McGay was considered a person of interest in her disappearance, but authorities have been unable to charge him due to lack of evidence.9 He denies knowing what happened to his former wife.10

In November 1999 McGay abandoned is post at Osan Air Force Base (OAFB) in the Republic of Korea. According to Cory’s father Sgt. Pat Masters of OAFB told him McGay’s overnight bag was left and the gate, and inside was a letter indicating he had “…unfinished business and was tired of life.”10 He was apprehended several days later in Dallas, Texas.6 Conflicting reports say he was either held at BAFB or returned to Osan. In December 1999 custody was granted to the Robios and child support of $362 per month ordered. It’s unclear if he was incarcerated at OAFB or BAFB at the time of the hearing, or if he simply chose not to attend.

Jesse McGayIn 2006 McGay was living in Palm Beach, Florida. Investigators questioned him and potential witnesses who were still in contact with him. Detective Jimmy Muller, Shreveport Police Homicide Division, told media McGay made statements to witnesses “…that were very disturbing that he might be involved in her disappearance.” He posits the witnesses want anonymity because they’re afraid, knowing what he’s possibly done, and of being in the same situation.11

According to Detective Patricia Lamotte, Shreveport Police Missing Persons Division, McGay is not the only person of interest. Investigators interviewed several individuals, but declined to name them.12

In 2006 Tim McGay, Jesse’s father, accused his son of nearly choking him to death using a paralyzing head twist and said “…frankly, I’m afraid of him.” Detective Lamotte said choking is McGay’s MO. He choked Cory in the past, as well as a girlfriend at Osan in Korea. He denied the allegations.13

Jesse Culbert McGay died 06/24/13 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.14 His son Aaron with Elsa Arias was mentioned; however, it appears his daughter Samantha was deliberately excluded.


Cory news clipCory’s father has no doubt McGay was involved and told media “my daughter was killed there on the military base by a United States Serviceman.”  He further said “…the military has got some of the most important parts of the information needed. If nothing did happen, then why don’t they release the facts?”11

“Not a day passes when I don’t think of her…I often wake up nights and listen for her to come through the door. But she never does.” ~Susan Rubio, mother

In 2016 daughter Samantha told media, “My real dad Jesse…they had a lot of altercations. They really didn’t get along. I honestly think Jesse (dad) had something to do with it.” The loss of Cory has taken a toll on her family. Her grandfather suffered a heart attack and her uncle Jimmy died in 2009 without knowing the fate of his beloved sister.15 16

“I didn’t get a chance with my real mom and whenever you are a girl you deserve your real mom.  I have great grandmother but I never got the chance to be with my real mother.” ~Samantha Rubio, daughter.

  • Nicknames: unknown
  • Physical: 5’2, 105 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Hispanic
  • Marks/Tattoos: scar on left earlobe, pierced ears
  • Clothing: dark green sweater or shirt, black or blue jeans, white sneakers
  • Jewelry: diamond bracelet, reading glasses

Shreveport Police Department is working to locate Cory Marie Rubio McGay and bring the person(s) responsible to justice. If you have information about her disappearance or current whereabouts, please call (318) 673-7373.

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