Charlene Denise Sawyer

Denise Knapp Ted BoyettCHARLENE ‘DENISE’ KNAPP SAWYER was last seen leaving work 12/03/01 at 4:30pm in Kinder, Louisiana. The 47-year-old was picked up by boyfriend Ted Boyett (also missing).

Denise, a 1970 graduate of Paragould High School in Arkansas,1 and was employed by Datrex at the time of her disappearance.2

Kim Knapp, Denise’s daughter, reported the couple missing at 8:30am 12/04/01, after they failed to show up for work.


Denise was picked up from work 12/03/01 by her long-term boyfriend Ted Herbert Boyett,3 and the couple shortly arrived at their home on Clyde Chachere Road, north of Kinder.4

Alvin “Bugsy” Moreau, Kinder Police Officer, observed Ted and Denise’s vehicle near the First Baptist Church parking lot the early morning hours of 12/04/01. No one was in the vehicle, and Officer Moreau had no reason to suspect foul play at the time.5

Later that day their vehicle was found parked under their carport; however, investigators are unsure who drove the vehicle to the residence.  Ted’s wallet and Denise’s purse, containing their uncashed paychecks, were also found at the residence.  The only items missing were a television, VCR player, table, computer and telescope.6

Deputies staked out the house hoping Denise or Ted would reappear, reviewed their long-distance phone records, and requested assistance from Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office and Louisiana State Police.3 Authorities searched the inside and outside of the home, but found no sign of forced entry or struggle.2 Tracking dogs were soon brought in, but could not pick up a scent.7

A credit card belonging to Charlene Denise was used to buy gas four days later in Jeanerette. The gas was purchased at the pump, so there was no witness as to who actually used the card.6

indian village cemetaryThe case went cold until 2007 when an unnamed source(s) advised police that Denise and Ted had been murdered. This source(s), believed by authorities to be creditable, led them to an area near the old Indian Village Cemetery where Denise and Ted were purportedly buried. The area and drainage ditch were dug up; however, no remains were found.8

  • Nicknames:  Denise
  • Physical: 5’0, 100 pounds, blond hair, green eyes9
  • Marks/Tattoos: Roses with 1990 on right shoulder
  • Clothing: blue and green striped shirt, blue jeans, athletic shoes
  • Jewelry: unknown

Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office is working to locate Charlene Denise Knapp Sawyer and bring the person(s) responsible to justice. If you have information about her disappearance or current whereabouts, please call (337) 639-4353.

Rev. 02/27/22

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