Shannen Ve’Latrial Hudson (2015)

Shannen Hudson cold case homicideShannen Ve’Latrial Hudson, 31, was killed 06/23/15 in Bogalusa, Louisiana. He and friend Jare Jermaine Stevenson, 28, were victims of a double homicide that occurred on City Limits Road.

A resident of Baton Rouge, Shannen was a musician/rapper who went by the stage name ‘Racked Up Ready’ and ‘Young Ready.’ He was also the founder/owner of the record label Bow Entertainment1; some of his videos are on YouTube.

Lydia Hudson says her son “didn’t resemble the tough-guy image he portrayed in some of his music and videos… He was a ‘momma’s boy.’ He always wanted to make sure that mom was OK.”2

According to his manager, Shannen just finished a 30-city tour of the South, was planning to release his “Goon Brothers” album at the end of June, and was in negotiations with Interscope Records for a recording deal.2 His promoter says “Ready’s music was the voice of the streets of Louisiana…he will be truly missed.”3

The father of four is survived by children Shannen Jr, Shanyra, Shaniyah and Kha’li; mother Lydia Hudson-Givens; and siblings Savannah, Tonya, Trishlyn, Dixon, Cherelle, Roderick, Nairanzo, Derrick, Keith, Jordan and Darrius.4 He’s interred at Southern Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum.

Crime Scene

Shannen and Jare were found dead in their rental car, both having been shot in the back of the head. They were visiting friends in a Bogalusa housing project approximately 15 minutes before the shooting. After hearing gunshots, a witness observed an unidentified man running from the victims’ car into a green sedan.

Shannen HudsonAccording to Kendall Bullen, Bogalusa Police Chief, detectives followed all leads with no luck. They checked surveillance videos in the area, reviewed cell phone tower pings from potential suspect numbers, and expanded the investigation into Baton Rouge where it was discovered they had ties to “a loose organization of people.” Authorities believe drugs played a role in the killings.5

Past Offenses

It’s unknown if the 2007 allegation from Derek East that Shannen fired a 9mm at Antonio Donahue, who later died, was a factor in this crime.6 He also  pleaded guilty to illegally carrying a weapon in 2008.2

Have Information?

Bogalusa Police Department is working to solve the Shannen Ve’Latrial Hudson case and bring his killer(s) to justice. If you have information about this crime, please call (985) 732-6238.

Please submit corrections/updates here.

Submit corrections/updates here.

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