Kathy Marie Griffin

Kathy Griffin cold case homicideKathy Marie Griffin, 28, skeletal remains were found 05/25/95 at the “Old Folk’s Hunting Club” or “Old Hunter’s Club,” southwest of Plainview High School in Glenmora, Louisiana. 1 She was last seen by her mother, Mary Griffin Richardson, in April 1995.

Rakeya Griffin, Kathy’s sister, recalls she made friends easily, she was a good person who never mistreated her kids, and had a fine singing voice that was often remarked on. 2

Kathy was a member of St. Peter Baptist Church. She is survived by one son (Taimiak Griffin) and two daughters (Katrina and Pretoria Griffin), mother (Mary), two sisters (Rakeya and Larisse Griffin), and stepfather (Reverend Bruce Kirklin),3 and is interred at Community Cemetery in Oakdale. 4

Crime Scene

An autopsy determined cause of death was severe blows to the head. It’s unknown if she was killed at the hunting club or if her remains were later moved there.

In an effort to help identify the victim, a clay model was constructed and unveiled during a news conference on 07/19/95. That evening her mother saw the news, and soon efforts were underway that positively identified the remains as Kathy’s. 5 Its unknown if these arrests were related to her disappearance.


Past Offenses

According to her mother, Kathy “used drugs and ran with a bad group of people,” so she always feared the worst. She was briefly jailed in Oakdale for driving under the influence and Ville Platte for an unknown charge before returning to Oakdale to live with her mother in early 1994.6 It’s unknown if this arrest was related to her death several months later.

Have Information?

Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office is working to close the Kathy Marie Griffin case and bring her killer(s) to justice. If you have information about this crime, please contact:

Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office
(318) 473-6727

Crime Stoppers
(318) 443-7867

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