Jimmy A. Townsend (1985)

jimmy a Townsend cold caseJimmy A. Townsend, 13, was killed 09/28/85 at the state fair in Monroe, Louisiana.1 At approximately 11:30 pm he was beaten to death, allegedly by several black males aged 15-19. The fight occurred at the Farmer’s Market on the east end of the Monroe Civic Center Complex.

Jimmy’s parents James Alan and Rita Gail Wood Townsend passed away in 2008 and 2012, respectively, without knowing the identities of the individuals responsible for their son’s murder.2

Jimmy is interred at Twin Cities Memorial Gardens, also known as Kirkpatrick’s Serenity Gardens, in Monroe.

Limited Information

My research revealed very little about Jimmy’s background or the crime. If you have a reputable source of information for either, please let me know so it can be incorporated into this summary.

Have Information?

Monroe Police Department is working to solve the Jimmy A. Townsend case and bring his killer(s) to justice.  If you have information about this crime, please call (318) 329-2600.

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