Gary Lane Wages (2001)

Gary Wages cold case homicideGary Lane Wages, 56, was murdered 01/16/01 in his Olla, Louisiana home. He was last seen alive in Columbia earlier that morning.1

As a child he frequently received recognition as an honor roll student2 and as a young man he was a star basketball player with the Grayson High School Warriors.3

Gary was a Pipeline Inspector for Quality Control Specialists in Austin, Texas. He was married to Wanda Smith, and had three children and seven grandchildren at the time of his death.4 He is interred at Zion Hill Cemetery in Olla, Louisiana.5

Crime Scene

Gary was shot in the back and head by two different caliber weapons, a .22 rifle and .308 deer rifle.6 7 His wife of 27 years, who was ruled out as a suspect, found him upon her return from work.8

There was no evidence of forced entry, and no footprints or tire tracks. The FBI and state crime lab analyzed potential evidence that was recovered,8 the results of which have not been made public.

His case remains unsolved as of this writing.

Have Information?

LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office is working to solve the Gary Lane Wages case and bring his killer(s) to justice.  If you have information about this crime, please call (318) 992-2151.

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