Daytra ‘Tootie’ Miller (2018)

Daytra and Robert Cold Case HomicideDaytra ‘Tootie’ Miller, 42, and Robert Allen ‘Papi’ West Jr, 13, were shot to death inside their Independence, Louisiana home. The double homicide of mother and son occurred 12/23/18.1

Daytra was the owner of D.K.M. Services2 and managed rental properties she and Robert West, Sr own. They were a couple for more than 15 years and remained best friends after their breakup.3 Tacarlra Oliver misses her mom’s smile4

Daytra is remembered as “…beyond fabulous in every way. She was beautiful, strong, very smart and loved her family & community.”5

Crime Scene

crime sceneThe double homicide occurred inside Daytra’s home, located near Fontana Road and Labruzza Lane.

Oliver received a desperate call from her sister asking she “Get here, help me, help me…save us.” Her sister was inside the house when the shooting occurred, but hid in the bathroom with their nephew. The sister “…heard gunshots, multiple gunshots, and when they stopped she called police and she called me.”4

West believes Daytra and Robert were fatally shot as they were putting items in the car.3 He says “investigators are still waiting on the final pieces of evidence to be analyzed by the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab before they release information on a possible person of interest in the shooting. Authorities originally reported they believe the person who committed the ‘heinous crime’ knew the victims, but have since been tight-lipped about information related to the case as not to jeopardize the investigation.”6

Family’s Desperate Plea

Daytra and Robert Cold CaseWest told media, “You don’t know pain until you clean up your 13-year-old son’s blood and his mother’s that I’ve known since the sixth grade.”7 West pleads “If you have any information…if you know anybody, if you think of anybody, if you even remotely think about this situation, please contact any authorities.”8

He asks the community to watch and listen for information that could help investigators. “I want justice for Daytra and I want justice for Allen…my daughters need it.” Her daughters are scared and often with West, the only person they’ve ever called Daddy.3

Oliver says “…it’s hard not having answers about what happened that night… Just speak. Tell what you know. I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy. If I knew something, then I would tell it.”4

Have Information?

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office is working to solve the Daytra Miller case and bring her killer(s) to justice. A reward of $12,500 is offered.9 If you have information about this crime, please call (985) 345-6150 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 554-5245.

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