Danny Rae Holt (2013)

Danny Rae Holt Cold Case HomicideDanny Rae Holt, 38, was found dead in his Leesville, Louisiana home on 11/23/13 from an alleged suicide. It was later determined the father of three had been fatally shot in back of the head.1 2

He was a social person and enjoyed playing music.3

Danny is survived by children Cheyenne Holt, Hannah McClain, and Draven Blood; siblings Corky Ball, Mike Holt, Pamela Sikes and Donna Clum. He is interred at Pinehill Cemetery in Leesville.4

Crime Scene

Amanda Irey, Danny’s girlfriend, called 911 at approximately 10am “frantically screaming and pleading for help.” She later told investigators she and Danny were arguing alone in the home when he suddenly picked up his Winchester 9422 .22 caliber rifle and shot himself under the chin.1

Irey’s clothing was sent to a forensics team, and a blood splatter expert examined the scene. Forensic analysis did not support her assertions, and concluded:5

  • There was no contact wound under the chin.
  • The weapon was fired from a distance, to the back of the skull, in close proximity to his ear.
  • It was physically impossible, based on arm & weapon measurements, for him to have shot himself.
  • Clothing and blood spatter evidence indicated Danny was standing over a chair in which Irey was sitting at the time he was shot. When he fell to the floor, she would have had an unobstructed view of the perpetrator.

Authorities believe Irey knows the perpetrator’s identity, but has refused to cooperate further in the investigation of this crime against Danny. She did not have gun powder residue on her hands.6 2

Arrest & Release

Irey was later arrested by Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office on a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Danny Holt; however, the Grand Jury failed to indict, and she was released.1

As of this writing, the case remains unsolved.

Mother’s Determination

Danny Rae HoltMary Holt, 83, continued “to stay in contact with detectives, making sure to call the office regularly in hopes of there being any sort of update in the death of her son. Throughout the years, her dedication was unwavering. She deserved closure and we are determined to provide that…”~ Detective Jordan.5 Sadly, Ms. Mary passed away 06/12/20.

Have Information?

Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office is working to solve the Danny Rae Holt case and bring his killer(s) to justice.  If you have information about this crime, please call Detective Rhonda Jordan at (337) 238-1311.

Please submit corrections/updates here.

Submit corrections/updates here.

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