Angelene R. Hill (1980)

Angelene R Hill Cold Case HomicideAngelene ‘Angie’ R. Hill, 26, was last seen 07/31/80 in the Lakeshore area of Monroe, Louisiana.1 Her body was found 08/01/80 on Richmond Road #2, near an industrial park,2 and her car later found off Melvin Drive in Lakeshore.1

Dorothy Hill, Angie’s sister, lovingly remembers her as being …”so sweet. If she just had a dollar on her person and you needed it, she would have given it to you.”2

Angie is interred at Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery in Monroe.3

Similarities to Other Cases

A parish-wide Homicide Task Force was formed on 02/03/82 to investigate the murders of Angie, and two other young women who died under similar circumstances in the same area – Sherry Lynn Alford and Kathy Whorton. The Task Force was comprised of officers from Monroe Police Department, Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana State Police and four other agencies.

On 04/04/81 Kathy’s body was found on McGuire Ranch Road and Sherry was found 02/01/82 near LA Highway 139, not far from where Angie’s body was found on Richmond Road #2.

Anthony glenn wilsonIn 2008 a match to the DNA found on Kathy’s undergarments was found in CODIS – Anthony Glenn Wilson. He was incarcerated on unrelated charges and the prosecutor was concerned  DNA alone might not be enough to convict (all other evidence was lost). Investigators found an outstanding charge for breaking into a car and stealing cologne. He was soon prosecuted as a habitual offender for the theft, and in October 2009 sentenced to life without parole. He’s currently in Angola. Sweet Scent of Justice, a book detailing Kathy’s case, was written by her sister.4

While no evidence was found linking Wilson to Angie’s murder, Major Royce Toney, Chief of Investigations, feels he killed Angie – they just cannot prove it.5

The Justice For Sherry Lynn Alford & Angelene (Angie) Rosel Hill FaceBook page was created by family in memory of Angie and Sherry Alford, whose cases remain unsolved.

Suspects Later Cleared

Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole were initially suspects in Angie’s murder; 6 however, further investigation found that neither could have been responsible as Toole was in Jacksonville, Florida and Lucas was in Delaware.7

Family’s Comments

You just get eaten up inside. My mother went to her grave not knowing. My father went to his grave not knowing, and to be honest with you I think I am going to go to mine not knowing,”  ~Dorothy Hill, sister.

Have Information?

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office is working to solve the Angelene R. Hill case and bring her killer(s) to justice. If you have information about this crime, please call (318) 324-2663.

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