Angela Erin Ball Felkins (2009)

Angela bell homicideAngela Erin Ball Felkins, 29, was last seen 07/21/09 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her body was found 07/23/09 in an abandoned city building.

Born Marcy Erin Bigham in McCrory, Arkansas, she was removed by the state at the age of four after allegations of sexual abuse. She soon had a new name, Angela Erin Ball, and was living with adoptive parents in Garden City, Kansas.1 She later moved to Kearney, Nebraska, where she graduated high school.

The mother of four was known to be adventurous, and also lived in Missouri and Oklahoma. Family was important to Angela, who enjoyed making people happy and spending time with her sons.2

Angela is survived by husband David Felkins; sons Dristen and Dillon Bradley, Issac Felkins and Daniel Ball; parents Victor and Linda Ball; brothers Jerry, Terry and Charles Ball; and, sisters Suzanne, Natasha and Alisha. She is interred at Valley View Cemetery in Garden City, Kansas.3

Move to New Orleans

Angela ball cold case homicideIn 2008 Angela met Jarrod Frosch, 40, while dancing at a Billion Dollar Babes in Lebanon, Kansas. Frosch was an off-shore worker who lived in Marrero, Louisiana, and was in Kansas visiting his sick mother.

When Frosch returned to Louisiana, she made plans to follow. He initially agreed, but had second thoughts and “…tried to talk her out of it.” He claimed to have rarely spoken with Angela during the two months she was in New Orleans.4

When the hoped-for relationship with Frosch didn’t materialize, she moved into a hotel room with two of her four sons and a coworker, Angela Wright. She worked under the stage name ‘Destiny’ at Lipstixx and Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, as well as other Bourbon Street clubs.

Crime Scene

Wright, 20, was the last person who saw Angela 07/21/09. Angela was wearing the white dress, gold sandals, and a matching gold purse she’d given her earlier that day for her 29th birthday. Around 4pm she left her children with Wright and headed to work on Bourbon Street. She called around midnight to say she’d only earned $94 and decided to stay longer in hopes of making more money.1

On 07/23/09 Angela’s body was found in the Old New Orleans City Hall Annex at 2400 Canal Street. A homeless woman discovered her on the stairwell landing between the 3rd and 4th floors. She was still wearing her dress and shoes; however, there was no sign of the gold purse.

Coroner Frank Minyard determined Angela bled to death from several stab wounds on her neck and wrist. Bruises and brush burns on her face, neck, hip and left shoulder were also found, indicating her attacker also beat and dragged her in the process of the murder. Toxicology report showed no drugs in Angela’s system.1

Person of Interest

Frosch is considered a “person of interest” by Detective Ryan Aucoin, who is investigating the murder.5 No information could be found regarding the outcome of any questioning.

Frosch was incarcerated in Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on simple burglary charges from 07/02/09-07/20/09. He was also accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the End Zone Bar in Gretna.67

Have Information?

New Orleans Police Department is working to solve the Angela Erin Ball Felkins case and bring her killer(s) to justice. If you have information about this crime, please call (504) 658-5300.

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  1. Curious as to why Washington and St.Tammany Parishes are not listed on this website. I can think of two unsolved cases. Julie Gann, native of Bogalusa, LA disappeared from her apartment in Abita Springs, LA (St. Tammany Parish) in the early 90’s. Her remains have never been found (as far as I know).
    The other case involves the double murder of a mother and daughter in Varnado, LA (Washington Parish) perhaps in the late 80’s. They were murdered upon their return home from a trip to the beach. I believe cigarette butts were found at the edge of the woods where the killer was apparently waiting. Can’t seem to find any info online re: the double homicide. I will obtain names of the victims and date of death just in case anyone responds to my message. Have often thought that authorities had some motivation to NOT solve the double homicide.

    1. shirah says:

      I haven’t completed a case summary for either of those parishes as of yet. Thank you for sharing the info on Julie Gann and the double homicide. I’ll research both and post summary as time permits.

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