case submissionCase submissions of Texas and Louisiana homicides, 3+ years unsolved, are welcome. Those from Victims’ family and law enforcement take priority.

This is a labor of love for me. Since summaries require significant research they often aren’t completed as quickly as I’d like. Current backlog, as of 03/01/22, is over 100. Your patience is appreciated.

  • I strive to research thoroughly and summarize in a compassionate, yet factual manner.
  • Criminal history may be mentioned if possibly related to a motive.
  • I’m willing to replace or add photos and personal recollections.
  • I do not initiate contact with family; however, I will correspond with should they reach out.
  • Summaries are published on this site, and posted to SheSnoops and S&J FB pages.
  • Primary and secondary sources, as well as subscription databases utilized are cited in footnotes.

POTENTIAL EVIDENCE: Should my research reveal item(s) of potential evidentiary value, it’s immediately provided to authorities and specifics excluded from case summaries as to not compromise their investigation.

MISSING PERSONS: Due to time constraints, as of 03/01/22, my research will be focused on unsolved homicides only. Missing persons already included will not be removed; however, new submissions will not be accepted. There are a number of high traffic sites dedicated to profiling missing persons, such as the DOENetwork and Charley Project.

INVESTIGATIONS: My private investigator’s license does not allow me to work directly for the public. So, if you’re seeking an in-depth investigation of your case rather than a researched summary, I’ll be glad to refer you to a licensed Agency that can assist.

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