Baby John Doe (1999)

On 03/26/99 Baby John Doe, estimated to be 2-3 days old, was found partially buried at a steel plant near Keithville, Louisiana. After three years of unsuccessful attempts to identify Baby John Doe, his body ...Continue Reading


CORY MARIE RUBIO MCGAY was last seen 01/27/99 at a dormitory on Barksdale Air Force Base (BAFB) in Bossier City, Louisiana.1 Foul play is suspected. At the time of her disappearance Cory was 24-years old and ...Continue Reading

Adrian Juan Planells (1989)

ADRIAN JUAN PLANELLS was last seen 09/24/89 around 3am in Metairie, Louisiana. Foul play is suspected. At the time of his disappearance, Adrian was 23-years-old and lived with his parents at 3425 Florida Avenue in ...Continue Reading

Ivan Kemble Landry (2012)

On 08/27/12 the body of Ivan Kemble Landry, 49, was found near some railroad tracks in Lafayette, Louisiana. Ivan loved bass fishing, cooking his famous gumbo and specialty barbeque, listening to music and watching movies. ...Continue Reading

William Thomas Lyles (1995)

William Thomas Lyles, 21, was killed in Lafayette, Louisiana 09/10/95. At the time of his death, he was a sophomore at University of Southwestern Louisiana at Lafayette.1 William was born in Cottonport and was a ...Continue Reading

Jimmy A. Townsend (1985)

Jimmy A. Townsend, 13, was killed 09/28/85 at the state fair in Monroe, Louisiana.1 At approximately 11:30 pm he was beaten to death, allegedly by several black males aged 15-19. The fight occurred at the Farmer’s ...Continue Reading

Angelene R. Hill (1980)

Angelene ‘Angie’ R. Hill, 26, was last seen 07/31/80 in the Lakeshore area of Monroe, Louisiana.1 Her body was found 08/01/80 on Richmond Road #2, near an industrial park,2 and her car later found off ...Continue Reading


JONEDWIN ‘JON’ JOSEPH WALLACE was last seen the morning of 07/18/14 in Brusly, Louisiana. He was 34-years-old and lived in Plaquemine at the time of his disappearance. Family suspects foul play. CIRCUMSTANCES OF DISAPPEARANCE Jonedwin was last ...Continue Reading
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